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Personal Banking Services

- Personal Banking Services
- Personal Checking Accounts
- Personal CD's, Money
  Markets & Savings

- Personal Borrowing
- Additional Services
• Switch Kits
• ATM/Debit Cards
• Bank Vault Boxes
• Telephone Transfers
• Identity Guard

Additional Services

New Millennium Bank offers additional services and products to make banking with us convenient and easy.

• Switch Kits
     - New Account Checklist
     - Payment
     - Account Closing
     - Automatic Withdrawal
     - Direct Deposit
• ATM/Debit Cards
• Bank Vault Boxes
• Identity Guard

ATM/Debit Cards

The MasterCard® sponsored card is one step beyond the ATM card.  Any store that accepts MasterCard® credit cards will accept the debit card.  Payment for goods and services is deducted from your account immediately.

[Download e-Banking Request Form]

Bank Vault Boxes

Bank Vault Box Forced Opening (plus locksmith fees)
Bank Vault Box Late Payment Fee
Duplicate Bank Vault Box Key


Identity Guard

With attacks on personal and financial information becoming more sophisticated and aggressive, it’s time to take action to protect yourself—before it’s too late.

New Millennium Bank provides our customers the option to purchase IDENTITY GUARD® from Intersections Inc., identity theft protection designed to minimize the impact of identity theft should it occur. Open a New Millennium Bank checking account and get six months of GOOD START free—with no obligation. The link below will provide more information, or you may call your New Millennium Bank representative.

identity guard logo

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