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Online Banking

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Access to Online Banking

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At New Millennium Bank, e-Banking means being able to get information about your account and make transactions without going to the bank. We have four ways to electronically (hence the "e" in e-Banking) transact online business:

1) Telephone Transfer - the VRU (voice response unit) is the telephone highway to your accounts. Just call 732.729.4383. Balance inquiries, paid checks, credited deposits, and transfers between accounts are all available. You can even request a fax back of your statement.

2) ATM Cards - your doorway to getting cash from your account, making transfers, and checking your balances from virtually anywhere in the world.

3) Debit Cards - a MasterCard® sponsored card that is one step beyond the ATM card. Any store that accepts MasterCard® credit cards will accept the debit card. Payment for goods and services is deducted from your account immediately.

4) Web Banking and Bill Payer - the ultimate in convenience. If you have access to the Internet, you can see your paid checks, print pictures of them, make transfers, download your statement into Quicken, pay all of your bills, and so much more, all for free!

Not currently enrolled into Online Banking? Click here to enroll.

Your e-banking security is important to us. Please take a moment to review this additional information:
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